Jackson 5 and Johnny

The Jackson 5 and Johnny

Rare photograph of a very early incarnation of Gary, Indiana's Jackson 5!

A recent series of Ebay auctions from a former music promoter in Baltimore, Maryland has unearthed a virtual goldmine of previously unseen vintage r&b promotional photos, all in superb condition. While many of these groups were from Baltimore and other parts of the East Coast, the collection also contained a large number of promotional photos from all around the country. One of the most interesting photos from our perspective was this early promotional photo of Michael Jackson’s first group, the Jackson 5 and Johnny. A color version of this photo can be seen on the recent compilation of Jackson 5’s early singles, Beginning Years 1967-1968.

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  1. Beverly Timberlake says:

    I met the Jackson Five in Bloomington, IN at Indiana University sometime in the late 60’s. I have this photo of Jackson Five and Johnny somewhere, and it is signed by
    Jackie Jackson. Is there any value to it, or should I stop looking?

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