The Right Components for your Solar Panel

Switching to solar power is a right decision but it is a crucial decision too. This is because of the responsibility to choose the right components based on various factors. When you are choosing components for the Solar Panel system, make sure that it should help you in contributing to the reduction of living cost instead of giving you headaches.

The solar industry is an established one and there are manufacturers who are the best and produce the most quality brands. A good example is the one that tops the HIGH QUALITY GENERATORS LIST: goal zero – YETI. It is just in our hands to select the right ones to suit us the most. To choose the right ones, read the reviews at

Solar Panels

The core element of the system is the Solar Panel. They collect energy from sun light and turn it into DC electricity. To find the right solar panel, here are some quick tips.

* Any reputed company selling solar panel will have a website. If you don’t find any, do not buy the product.

* Check for warranties that states that servicing will be done at your location.

* Check for the country of origin. Chinese origin products won’t last longer.

* Check for the power tolerance of the panel. A positive power tolerance means that the product is of high quality.


Inverter converts DC to AC electricity. In a poor-quality solar panel system, Inverters are the first ones to fail. Inferior quality inverters tend to cost you more during the maintenance phase and that is why, it is important to buy a good quality one even if it costs a few hundred dollars more.

Mounting System

The mounting system connects the panel to the roof. There are two types of mounting systems available in the market depending upon the type of roof you have at home. Most of the panels available are the ones that meet standards. Just buy the good quality ones, and buy a cyclone certified one if you are in a cyclone prone area.


Two types of controllers are the pulse width modulation (PWM) and Maximum power point tracking controllers (MPPT). PWM is not as efficient as the MPPT. MPPT controllers allow the strings of panels to be connected in series. This controller will handle your solar panels electricity!


Often overlooked by installers, sizing of the battery is very important in the installation phase. Usually, the battery size is underestimated either due to the cost or due to the wrong calculation of power consumption. The most common type of battery used is the deep cycle solar battery – high quality! ⑩. Here are some factors that help to determine the perfect size.

* Capacity: It is the measure of the amount of energy stored in the battery. Thus, capacity determines the amount of energy you get to your home.

* Voltage: The voltage of the battery should match the system requirement.

* Cycle Life: Batteries from various brand might have the same capacity and voltage but the design will determine how long the battery would cycle.