Roland Drum Set v/s Alesis

The Legendary Roland:

Roland is one name that you can never miss out when on your search towards the best electric drum sets. Quality, affordability, ease of operation and popularity everything is seen in the right mix with Roland products. This well established has created a number of models in the field of drum sets and each of them have their own unique features that have attracted customers from all classes and levels. To name a few among their awesome productions are the Roland td 11kv, Roland td 1kv and the Roland td 30KV and it makes going through the Roland electric drum SET [review 2016/2017] a worthy act to understand the real stuff of the Roland products.

The Roland td 30KV shines so well in the industry with its all new advanced features and technical specifications.


SNARE PAD PD – 1285 – BC

TOM1 & TOM 2 PD-108-BC

TOM 3 & TOM 4 PD- 128-BC




The build of the TD-30K is clear to sweep the others. Both the input and output devices are neatly assembled on the rear panel and all the other functional gears placed on the interface panel so that it is easy accessible and had great ease in operational activities.

Now what is that, that makes my Roland td-30kv drums well!!Perform better than its competitors? Well there were quite a lot of features that gave Ronald an edge in the market.

* Super cool sound quality

* The overall look of the drumset and its build structure.

* All-new mount systems for the cymbals and the toms

* The improvised design structure.

* The rim shots and the ghost notes.

* The easily adaptable USB ports

The Ronald td-30kv is the apt drum set for individuals looking for a really high-performance oriented drum kit that is best suitable for on-stage performances. Though placed on the costlier shelf, the worth and real feeling this amazing product from the Roland is truly incomparable.

The Budget Friendly Alesis:

Alesis has been always known for producing some super efficient and affordable electronic drumsets. It is suitable for usage by all classes of drummers ranging from kids, starters and experts. This has made it the favorite among passionate music lovers.

The Alesis DM10 is the one that we have taken for our comparison with our Roland product. The matter of fact here is no two products can be actually compared due to the uniqueness that they possess, but keeping a few features as a baseline, a sort of comparison can be made.

There are a number of websites online that help individuals by giving a gist of features that make a product hit. Also for this Alesis dm10 ONLINE review is of great use. Now whatever I want to know about electronic drum sets the Internet has answers to all my queries. Just like even if I want to play on: Yamaha dtx450k! – The Internet becomes my online Tutor.