Top ten ways to have more fun gaming

You are here because you love video games. Some of the games are simple and tell us a story and we feel it like a part of it, and some games take you into the wild and make you do things that you would not have done in real life.

Some practical tips to make gaming more fun:

  1. Watch out for mods: This is for PC gamers. Lots of games can be modded and that increases the difficulty level of the game.
  2. Never use goodies: Goodies just help you by increasing your power or they also upgrade you. They don’t make gaming fun. Don’t use them as they don’t let you enjoy the thrill of the game. I got my pixel gun 3D hacks here.
  3. Don’t raise your level: If you raise your level it may just give you more attack power or some special perks to boost your character or may prolong your life. It just makes your game easy but does not add to the enjoyment of the real game.
  4. Don’t do anything that you are not supposed to do: This supports the above two points.
  5. Play against the clock: Being slow and playing will give you a chance to escape from the dangers in the game. But rushing through the game definitely adds more challenge to the game.
  6. Set special rules: Play as per your set rules. It makes game challenging.
  7. Avoid checkpoints: Checkpoints just save your life. Avoid them and go with the flow of ups and downs.
  8. Getting a newer perspective: Change the game totally to match your ideas.
  9. Play a different game at the same time.
  10. Add alcohol to dampen your senses and to slow down the reaction time.

These tips will give you more fun gaming.