Virtual Reality Headsets – Virtual Reality For Everyone

With Virtual Reality Headsets in the market, Virtual reality has become possible for all. It is just that they have to attach their body, their eyes mainly with this simple device and can view everything in the virtual mode. This virtual reality is a new concept to many and a similar concept to this is the Augmented Reality (AR). Now which is going to have a great future or which one will flourish well in the market? Both of these are new to the market and have not missed to grab the attention of the customers. Before looking into this, it is important to first understand what AR is all about. It is a very similar concept to VR but with a thin line of difference. VR is capable of enlarging a given picture or a game in high definition without the normal boundaries while AR is the live or indirect view of a real world happening with elements and their components supplemented using computer-generated inputs like sounds, graphics, GPS etc… If you take a keen look at both of them, you will understand the narrow difference in them but both work on the same logic of helping the user with an enlarged image of the given picture.

AR gives many promises but all this would come true only when it happens and that too everytime. This is mainly to be used outside the houses in the open air and does not produce the image as such but with some augmentations by the PC`s. And mainly they are designed to suit all eyes and glasses. But in case of VR, the actual image is reproduced big with no extra fittings and the some of the VR sets are designed to suit all the eye glasses without a difference.

Oculus is considered one of the best VR`s for playing games online. It is the ULTIMATE headset for GAMING ONLINE and offers all the accessories necessary for games. The user is definite to enjoy an awesome gaming experience using this VR for the quality it offers is unmatched and these are specifically designed to suit the gaming needs.

There are special and unique VR sets from Samsung too. ™Samsung is giving away 10 pieces of its GEAR VR!!! in the name of promotional gifts and this is only for a limited period. Customers who are interested in this will have to hurry to bag the products and the prices offered in this are much lower than the regular prices.

It is the season of festivals and with Christmas and New Year around the corner, every product and all the manufacturers are busy advertising their models for great discounts. Get the Oculus VR at offer prices as Christmas bundle for Oculus Rift!!. With so many brands in the market, there are still customers complaining that ` my Play station BUNDLE will not work as promised!!!` and this is because of the cheap quality offered at lower prices by unknown brands. Care and caution is to be exercised while buying electronics and it is even more important to stick to brands for enjoying the best results.